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New SecrecyBill! 

A "secrecy bill" (S.B 120: The "Sheild Law") is presently making its way through the South Carolina Legislature. Its purpose is to keep the names of pharmacies selling lethal injection drugs to the SC Department of Corrections secret from the public.

Help us stop this bill by taking the following actions:


  1. Sign our petition against the Secrecy Bill!

  2. Write or call your SC Senator and tell them to vote "no" to S.B. 120 (The Secrecy Bill, or Shield Law) for the following reasons:

    • Execution secrecy keeps taxpayers in the dark and undermines open government and democracy.

    • Lethal injection is the most error-prone and unreliable method of state-sanctioned murder.

    • Critical oversight is needed by the courts, legislature, and the public to guard against the use of risky and experimental drug protocols.

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