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Introducing...the SCADP Blog!

Howdy, friends!

It's been quite a journey, but I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our very own blog (yes, the one you're reading right now!). The SCADP blog is dedicated to advancing our mission of abolishing the death penalty and driving criminal justice reform in South Carolina. Through this platform, we'll continue to pursue our vision of rehumanizing individuals on death row, educating local communities about SC's death penalty history, advocating for abolition with key powerholders and stakeholders, and aiding system-impacted individuals through services and storytelling.

What can you expect to be posted our blog? It'll feature excerpts from our weekly newsletters, action alerts for ongoing campaigns/petitions, and updates on community programs and partnership opportunities locally and across the US.

But here's the best part: the SCADP blog isn't just for seasoned activists. It's a shared space where everyday citizens like you can lend your voices. Ending the death penalty requires everyone's participation, which is why we're excited to kick off with news about our latest project: the SCADP Writer's Bank.

A Writers Bank is a simple yet powerful concept. It's a collective of individuals we recruit to contribute blog posts, opinion pieces, and Letters to the Editor advocating against the death penalty. Unless there's an active execution, it's easy for South Carolinians to forget that the death penalty remains a significant issue in our criminal justice system. If we aim to abolish it, we must keep this topic in the public conversation—and what better way than through grassroots writing and publishing?

Last week, we hosted our inaugural Writers Bank Workshop at the G.R.O.W. Building in Columbia, and it was a resounding success! We extend special thanks to the South Carolina Progressive Network for partnering with us on this event. Check out the pictures below (courtesy of Gabbi Zurlo) to get a glimpse of the fun we had!

Are you passionate about writing? Do you want to raise your voice against the death penalty? Would you like to engage in a supportive community throughout the process? If so, email us at to express your interest in joining—whether virtually or in-person across South Carolina!

Paz (peace),


Rev. Hillary Taylor

Executive Director of SCADP

Pictured: a white woman looking at info sheets in order to draft her piece about the death penalty. She has a computer in front of her. She sits at a brown desk in a warmly lit blue room with a tv and a piano to her left.
Writers studying fact sheets to start their draft pieces.

Pictured: a piece of paper written all over with words. There are several people with pieces of paper similarly in front of them. These people have white skin in the picture.
Writers with their first drafts.

Pictured: 9 participants gathered around tables eating pizza and listening to instructions. The room is blue and warmly lit with lots of protest posters on it.
Writers gathered and eating pizza while listening to instructions.

Pictured: Hillary Taylor, a white woman with a blue shirt and a white and red checkered long-sleeve shirt, stands and talks about the death penalty to 9 people gathered around brown desks. The room is warmly lit and blue in color, but with lots of protest art on the walls amid the PowerPoint presentation.
SCADP Executive Director Hillary Taylor sharing about the death penalty in South Carolina before the writers begin their drafts.

Pictured: An infosheet on the death penalty and race in South Carolina on top of a spiral bound notebook. Also pictured is a handheld mirror (black in color) with the name Joseph M.L. Gardner on it, and the year 2008. This is the name of a man who was executed in 2008 by the state of South Carolina. The handheld mirror is meant to evoke a sense of shared image between the person holding the mirror and the name of the executed man.
Prompts to help writers craft their first drafts.

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